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Thanks to The Walking Dead subreddit for making this show worth watching.

Overly attached Maggie

Funny face contest!

AMC's secret agenda

Uncanny resemblance

Rick's favorite store

What Rick really saw

Too easy

Michonne's prized posession

Rick's not afraid to get in your face

Did not see that one coming

We hardly knew him

Governor's dream

Rick's priorities

Coming this Fall to AMC

We're going to war...soon

The gang solves The Walking Dead

Fine art

Did we just become best friends?

He died for your sins

Extremely moderate outrage

Unacceptable terms

Ricky G-Rhymes

Goodnight, sweet princes

Thought those guys looked familiar

Dat face

Darryl crying with salad 1

Darryl crying with salad 2

Darryl crying with salad 3

The final straw

Andrea logic

Not cool, Rick

Governor logic

Not cool, Governor

No thanks

That actually explains it


Coming this Fall to AMC

Sneak preview of season 4

That horrible realization

Oh, Shane...

The motto

See you in October!