For the first time ever, Macy's has invited Tim Burton to contribute a piece to their Thanksgiving Day Parade. But due to the often macabre nature of his work, there were understandably many pitches that were not *quite*... more »
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Boy With Nails In His Eyes Balloon

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"Well, Tim, aside from this being terrifying to small children, unfortunately it's just too similar to our Charlie Brown balloon. Except, you know, with the nails in the eyes thing."

Crowd-diving Beetlejuice Sandworm Balloons

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"Though the added effect of being able to dive these balloons like kites into the crowd is a cool stunt, Tim, ultimately this may pose a safety hazard to have heavy, gas-filled objects dive-bomb thousands of people."

Electrified Frankenweenie Balloon

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"Tim, we get you want to promote your upcoming film, but it's a dead dog on fire. Not to mention the obvious hazard of having flames coming off a helium balloon. Too Hindenberg." 

Float Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands with Party Balloons

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"Ok. Well. Tim, can you even GET Johnny Depp to do this? We're just a little worried about his knife-hands cutting the balloon strings and him falling to his death over the Rockettes."

Oogie Boogie Does a Nightmare Dance

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"Tim. Jesus, no. C'mon, man. You know what thousands of screaming babies sounds like? Wait, yes, you probably do."

Replace Santa with Jack Skellington Santa

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"Really, Tim? REALLY? You want us to replace our famous, jolly Santa that kids love - the crowning moment of the parade - with your big-faced, horrifying skeleton man? Tim, why are you such an asshole?"