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sh*T that is gross as hell
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Published May 28, 2011

Look out!

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She will lick your but hole with that thing.

what happend!

02621cec27273ad84b9d80085365b611 width 600x

Look like someone needs there boobs redone.

coach tell me agian how this is going to help me win?

236 width 600x

"Because you got to get out there and really stick it to him hard and fast."

mybe but sex was not the best idea she ever had.

Abfe4f8cc955f51e77e6cfe9a1734b5c width 600x

But damn was it good. "for me"

puting the stank on it.

17726 width 600x

this dance moves are the Sh*t!

Yeah am going to get them bigger fo sho.

211 width 600x

"Good thing i drop out of school and went into porno or i would never had this big juggies like i do now." Thanks peoplewho jack off to me.

She is going to fly away from her baby daddy.

1332 width 600x

&find her self a rich man with a little dick.

talk about feeling it.

Fcb978fae1e377ee15aa05ae3357b0f3 width 600x

that game of but darts really got out of hand last night.

the pants came like that.

99e66f7588909ddae03d112dded6829c width 600x

Must of got them pants fromt he toilet store.

She is the SH*T when its comes to runners

1ad6f4b06f1224ccfcccff40d29ac41b width 600x

Well thats one way to keep the pack from caughting you in the race.

Look away NOW!

2dddeb5548a1c8ff9268ac4c10e12cfd width 600x

Because if you look into her eyes you will turn to stone my pepz.

Your mom's!

Dj600801 width 600x

Give mea gun i can't take these dumass jokes to the same old pics anymore.

how are you 2 drunks on t.v 5 days a week?

592f08e691137f0fa27fe6c6d3ee42b4 width 600x

At least they can't remember doing any of the shows.

Could you take out my but plug?

1476 width 600x

What are lovers for. i mean bridesmaids for my sexy friend. "hold on am cumming!"

Death even comes around on Easter Sunday.

794f94e995c4c1bba140c33a4e9cd846 width 600x

Frank Coonelly was drunk driving on the wrong side of the highway agian. (But hey if you where the President of the Pittsburgh Pirates you would be drunk 24/7 two God Da*m it)

Hey Yeall!

9b5c77ae4b36e15f74e6b76feb037496 width 600x

its me Miley after a long night on the train, if you know what am saying! "its was pretty cool!"

Bi Chicks love man tits.

265b2363c38875aa01621deb929b7913 width 600x

+ they can't see your d*ck. So have fun banging out 2 chicks at the same time Little buddy. "You can milk this guy for soy milk."

she will lick your ABC's

9327a5ac53a910c243972023321fb642 width 600x

When sucking onyour manhood. "but be careful because she will suck your balls clean out your sack."


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