frightening family photos
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Published: January 26, 2012

In a frightening family way

Alright, punk, just snap the photo and no one gets hurt.

Rennie Fam

Daddy always makes a horses ass of himself at Rennie Fairs

Chainsaw Fam

If you think that looks silly, you should see him cut firewood with the TV remote

killer seal attack

You don't want to see what happened next

lovable pets

Awww, what sweet kittie-yikes!

Our lovely daughter


Goth fam

Oh Great Dark Lord Cthulu, I make this offering unto you.

Machine gun fam

This X-mas, give the gift that keeps on taking, assault weapons

The Archers

Meet the Archer Family

Arson fam

...and the Arson Family


If you can't say something nice....

dysfunctional home

this home is possesed by demons