frightening family photos
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Published January 26, 2012

In a frightening family way

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Alright, punk, just snap the photo and no one gets hurt.

Rennie Fam

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Daddy always makes a horses ass of himself at Rennie Fairs

Chainsaw Fam

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If you think that looks silly, you should see him cut firewood with the TV remote

killer seal attack

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You don't want to see what happened next

lovable pets

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Awww, what sweet kittie-yikes!

Our lovely daughter

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Goth fam

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Oh Great Dark Lord Cthulu, I make this offering unto you.

Machine gun fam

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This X-mas, give the gift that keeps on taking, assault weapons

The Archers

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Meet the Archer Family

Arson fam

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...and the Arson Family


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If you can't say something nice....

dysfunctional home

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this home is possesed by demons