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Bill Clinton may have given up eating meat, but he’ll never give up having a good time. more »
Published March 03, 2014 9.8k views More Info »

"Be sure to tag me on Instagram!"

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"You guys are comedians? Say something funny"

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"And so I said to Hillary, now THAT's the Inside Stuff!"

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"Basketball is a fun sport."

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"Bill, you've got to get one of these new iPhones."

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"How much fun was I having? I don't know, this much?"

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"Which Disney star are you? Kidding, it doesn't matter!"

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"We should get coffee and talk about trying to seem normal when we're clearly better than everyone else."

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"Hannibal! I love your bit about apple juice."

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Not every answer is black and white. There's plenty of ... shades! Yeaooow!!!!!"

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"Neil, don't look, but I think that's Meryl Streep."

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"Do you know Beyoncé? Oh, you do? Cool, me too."

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"Harmfh a nishe daymb."

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"You get a medal! You get a medal! You get a medal!"

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"You two ladies have a nice night. And be sure to say 'Hi' to your husbands for me."

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"They should make a movie about this guy!"

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"I, too, was born in the USA. Actually, it was one of the things that qualified me to be President."

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"We should form a band and call it The New Beatles!"

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"You should name this one something weird."

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"Do I make you Hurley, baby!"

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"Cool, no sleeves!"

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"This is a pretty sweet jacket, right?"

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