Remember back in the early 90's when they used to make cards for Moives and Musicans well i found a few of my old cards. (view all on one page.)
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the mid 90's

i didn't know you where into roll playing Michelle Pefiffer!

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Well Mickael Keaton i see you Like E the ruff Pussy.

Am going to f*ck you harder than i did Keaton Mr. Walken

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You dont have enuff hair on your cat you fake ass woman. "An if you keep it up i'll take you on a boat ride that you will never come back from like i did to that one actress back in the day Miss. Cat Woman."

Why wasn't i in Ace Ventura 2 yo!

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(Tone Loc) O i allso Rap. So if you ever need me to play a sweet 16 party am so there. With some "Funky Cold Medina."

Yo Baby yo Baby yo! you looking fine Debbie Gibson.

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i think she wants a peice of the ice man SON! "I would stil f*ck Debbie Gibson nowadays"    

If you think today music sucks take a look at these fags.

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Nelson, The Sisters of Mercy & Joey Allen   (talk about your hair bands.) yeah!

she had that "God Kevin Costner is suck a dick smoke" look on her face.

76bbc436af884ddffd3d5eb66afaf2e3 original

"The only reason why any one would rewatch this movie is because of me and i know it bitch!"

Yes Both of them turly where.

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Just don't ever make a #3 or a remake.

You Better Not!

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So i hear Dreamcast 2 will be out Late 2012 early 2013 at the lastest 2013 Xmas. i also hear that there will be a Terminator 5.  

Hey hows come i don't get no play!?

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Come on Danny i think you know why little buddy.