It's earth day and what better way to honor it than with a slideshow of its most awe-inspiring creations: trees.

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A glorious oak, sitting in an open field. Little does it know that a young, attractive couple is going to have a romantic, midday fuck at its base.


The power of the redwood is only matched by the powers of the thrusts two lovers will share as they fuck each others brains out after breaking off from their tour group.


The Cypress. Perfect for an elegant, yet understated, fuck.


This glorious Red Maple will soon provide shade for two high school students skipping fourth period to fuck beneath its crimson foliage.


Whoa, thick fuck incoming.

Eastern Redbud

Ah, a beautiful Eastern Redbud. Its roots will soon be defiled by two young lovers who likely will use no fuck protection and never see each other again.


Come December, this mighty Blue Spruce will brighten the home of a lucky family who'll carefully adorn it with colorful lights, tinsel and hand-crafted ornaments passed down from generations past. Afterwards, the parents will fuck beneath it.


There's nothing like the gentle draping of the Willow branches to tease and titilate two middle-aged widows in search of the fucking their previous, dead spouses could not provide.


This Chinese bamboo forest provides the indigenous Giant Panda with food and a place to fuck other pandas.


For teeny tiny fucks.