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how me and Casey Anthony are a like. (view all on one page)
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Published July 12, 2011

Casey Anthony

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#1 we both are drunks!  #2 we both are high school drop outs  #3 my parents allso hate me #4 I allso have no where to stay  #5 I allso have a brother that will lie for me.  #6 where both white trash.

Jake Stetar

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#7 where both "crazy". #8 we both need to move out of the state we live in.  #9 we both spent time in jail.  #10 we both like to have sex with people in bands. #11 people allso call me  killer(when drinking that is), Loser, weird an lot of other bad things.  #12 we both don't have any kids. #13 some times i feel like killing shit to(but i never do being that i try too stay vegan.)  K Look Babe your life is F*cked and so is mine so why don't we just get down to it and f*ck.