my little buddies.
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Some one is going to be on animal cops.

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Way to take care of my dog when i was on vaction bro. 

No he doesn't bit.

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come mere boy.

Mr. jenks just loves f*ckin bitches.

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i hope that cat is neutered.

taking sh*t for a living.

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Thats what you get for droping out of high school.

Dang i done f*cked up Easter agian.

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thanks dad!

Don't tell grammy fuzzy bear is dead.

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"Good thing we stuffed it"

Yea this are my boyz yeah see.

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& if i see you around here agian we not going to go so easy on you.

Jack Black has a few gifts for you.

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no panda them gifts are mine.

stupid cock.

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Old Simba back there just loves fish.

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"Am so wet i Just have to post this up on F*ckbook."

Dickie the cat.

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That ant no mermaid.

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But Letz F*CK iT! 

Just let me check your rectum.

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Rectum! Damn Near killed him!      

The beast master.

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Jagermeister it will bring the animal out of you.

Thats was ah BiG BiTCH!

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Some one get the inhalers out.

Is this love?

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Your X-wife was a cow and now your live in K.Y with a real cow. But hell the sex can't be much worse and the cow can't talk back so you got the going for you before you burn in Hell.

Well i have never had to spank so meany monkeys at the same time in my life!

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Well there was that one time i broke the world record back in college when i was trying to get in that frat.