Walkers and biters and lamebrains, oh my!
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Additional Credits:
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The Transformation of Rick Grimes

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Not cool, Rick.

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You're gonna need some bandages for that burn, Lori.

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He's just like his old man.

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Maggie's really come a long way since the farm.

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How your mom sees this show.

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Not cool, Walking Dead casting department.

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Basically the same guy.

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So much drama in the ATL.

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The first and only time Carl is tougher than Darryl.

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Miracle on Cell Block 34

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Rick isn't taking the news very well.

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Scumbag Andrea

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Ladies love Darryl Dixon.

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Stop hogging the line, Lori!

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Definitely the plan that makes the most sense.

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Gone but not forgotten.

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This gets a slow clap from everybody but Merle.

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Maggie = Grumpy Cat

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Aren't we all, Rick. Aren't we all...

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Kanye speaks the truth.

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In a show about zombies, this guy's character is the thing that makes the least sense.

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Bad Luck Carl

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Brace yourselves, The Governor is coming.

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Flawless logic.

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Nice response, Carol.

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Starting to sense a pattern...

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Unfortunately true.

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Actually, yes. Yes you are.

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Sound advice.

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The secret to his success.

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Silly, Michonne! Zombies can't be racist.

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Darryl logic

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Too easy.

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So that's who was on the phone!

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The perfect plan...

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"Carol" will be Judith's first word.

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One of the best things to happen this season.

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The Evolution of T-Dog

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Until we meet again in February...

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