Walkers and biters and lamebrains, oh my!

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The Transformation of Rick Grimes

Not cool, Rick.

You're gonna need some bandages for that burn, Lori.

He's just like his old man.

Maggie's really come a long way since the farm.

How your mom sees this show.

Not cool, Walking Dead casting department.

Basically the same guy.

So much drama in the ATL.

The first and only time Carl is tougher than Darryl.

Miracle on Cell Block 34

Rick isn't taking the news very well.

Scumbag Andrea

Ladies love Darryl Dixon.

Stop hogging the line, Lori!

Definitely the plan that makes the most sense.

Gone but not forgotten.

This gets a slow clap from everybody but Merle.

Maggie = Grumpy Cat

Aren't we all, Rick. Aren't we all...

Kanye speaks the truth.

In a show about zombies, this guy's character is the thing that makes the least sense.

Bad Luck Carl

Brace yourselves, The Governor is coming.

Flawless logic.

Nice response, Carol.

Starting to sense a pattern...

Unfortunately true.

Actually, yes. Yes you are.

Sound advice.

The secret to his success.

Silly, Michonne! Zombies can't be racist.

Darryl logic

Too easy.

So that's who was on the phone!

The perfect plan...

"Carol" will be Judith's first word.

One of the best things to happen this season.

The Evolution of T-Dog

Until we meet again in February...