Today I realized just how much Siri sucked on my new iPhone 4s. I wanted to do something simple, email Tim Cook about how stupid his Intelligent Personal Assistant really is. After 22 minutes, I gave up. It is imposible.
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Published January 22, 2012

"Send Email to"

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No=Know - Understandable. 

"Email your leader Tim Cook how bad you are"

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Ok, I'll make a contact if that's what you want. Sounds reasonable. 

"Make a contact for Tim Cook"

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Siri-iously? Haha get it? 

Go jump off a cliff!

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"Just email Tim Cook"

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Just called AT&T to see if I can return my phone....

"Is there anything you can do?"

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Oh maybe she will click on a link to his email. 

"Open the third link"

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Screw it, I'm throwing the phone. I don't care about the money anymore. 

"You have absolutely no functionality, no practical value...I can't believe people pay for you!"

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She's totaly useless. Don't waste your $100 for the 4s.