"Okay, so it's cool if I close my eyes while doing this, right?" -- The Best Tattoo Artists Around

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1. Scarface

"I'm a really big Scarface fan. You know, the movie starring Dr. Ken." (via)

2. Hello Kitty

Okay, the tattoo is actually pretty accurate. But something tells me "Hello Kitty" was not what he requested. (via)

3. Britney's Finest Day

This is actually the guy from the previous slide. (via)

4. Bono...Sort of

Everyone knows Bono's known for his sunglasses and asymmetry. (via)

5. So Much Twilight

Dear Middle-Aged Woman: That's a really great picture. One that would look fantastic on a framed poster. That a teenage girl would have on her wall. (via)

6. Hulk Hogan

Just draw him from memory. I'm sure it'll look good. (via)

7. Zach Morris

Luke Perry stars in the "Zach Attack Tattoo." (via)

8. Swayze Centaur

"Give me the 'Swayze', please." "I'm sorry, I don't know what that is." "Patrick Swayze. On a centaur. Duh. And you call yourself a tattoo artist." "I never said that. This is H&R Block. "Oh. Draw it anyway." (via)

9. Lost

Oh, who are we kidding? This one's gone right. So very very right. (via)

10. Conan

Oh dear God  (via)

11. Jacko and Macaulay

The only thing creepier than their relationship was this tattoo. (via)