Who hasn't looked at a science textbook and said, "What's wrong with this television?" Courtesy of FakeScience.org, these science tips won't make you hit your head in shame—you'll hit your head in joy! Good luck, and start learning.

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September 03, 2013

Your Weight on Other Planets

Who hasn't looked at Jupiter and said, "You know what, forget about Hawaii, I want to go THERE."

Try Some Amazing Optical Illusions

You can get lost for hours in her eyes...wait, not her eyes, optical illusions. Got distracted, should have deleted that part of the caption.

Dos and Dont's For the Common Cold

Finally, with these cures you can sneeze on babies again!

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Sweater vests never became popular for this reason.

Monkeys and NASA

Who hasn't looked at their pet monkey, Archie, and said, "Oh you loveable monkey, I love you but sometimes I want to send you to space! Actually, who am I kidding, I'd be all alone."

Good Posture Helps Your Spine

Let's be honest, posture is more important than learning how to multiply.

Striped Bass

Don't you smell that sweet bass right now?


Put a little on your screen just to be safe.

Great Scientists: Pythagoras

We all look at triangles and exclaim, "I must know you. Completely. Fully. Now." Learn more at Fake Science...  

The .5

So this is a guy's back. That's all.  Learn more at Fake Science...