Am Hard up for these chick Ez so much so i would pay to have sex with them. (view all on one page.) Boner and a half shell Sexy Power!
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

Jenny Mccarthy

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i know i know she is very old and very very loud but just think how loud she is in the sac. Phat Ass + Nice Rack = A shacka Racka Lame of my jimmy jam Baby!

Emma Watson

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Me wants me some of that young meat. An will all know she is a freak! and then some. Hell the bitch don't wear no panties playerz! SO TAP DAT ASS!

Gwyneth Paltrow

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i can just tell by her figure she is all about some F*CKIN! at her age and that look in her eye i just know she would f*ck me 6 ways to sunny. An am going to chuch on sunny to confusion just to give the Priest somthing to have wet dreams about.

Lindsay Lohan

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Where about the same age she "used to be on drugs" i "used to be on drugs" we both been to jail more than once in are life and have both been to rehab which did not work for the both of us. (but i only smoke weed and drink so rehab kind of worked for me.) So Lindsay like the song once said lets f*ck the pain away.

Natalie Portman

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Not Really all that hot but we all can't be F*cking 10s now can we. + she is a pot head to so i can dig that. Just that look on her face tells me she will make a new man out of me.

Heidi Spencer

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She is just the way i like them. FAKE! evey thing about this women is fake until i get in there and tare it up. Giving her the real deal BiG O! ;[O

Charlize Theron

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OOOO! every time i look into her eyes my soul melts with lust for this slaming ass hot bitch. Am hard as a rock just thinking about it. O Sh*t i just busted!

Gina Carano

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i need a women who likes to be smacked around a little that will totaly kick my ass all up and down and all round the sac. Do you know what i mean Vern. Because i have some  tuff nuts for you sweetness.

How did that get in there?

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Bucket List!  An i busted agian.