Fat people being Phat.
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The Marathon man.

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His been drinking since 6am! "So yeah i don't remember being in a race but this guy looks just like me." Thanks Total Black Out. 

Amanda Bynes long lost brother

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So fat people really do eat sh*t a! Well f*ck me sidways on the highway! 

She just ate Tom Arnold for breakfast

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FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! "More like Roseanne CandyBar" 

Don't date online

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An so does your mom. 

Hey Baby

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. "As if that wasn't already  a lack of oxygen to his brain." But hey when jacking off gets really old ! So you have to find new ways to get your rocks off all the time. Hey trust me am fat and wax off 5 time a day. So i think i would know bud ! 

Hey look it's John Belushi.

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"or is that me on a friday night WOO! Go easy on the drinking and stay orf the drugs people. Trust me i almost died a few times. VEGAN POWER. 


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O !