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January 08, 2012

Noah loves bestiality

I think, really, what God is trying to say by sending all these couples into the Ark, is that really, zoophilia i ay-okay. Oh, the underlying meanings of the Bible!


You know, I really like that bracelet. I wonder where she got it. Probably the same place she got her boobs.


[before comments, yes, I did INTENTIONALLY spell cactus wrong].  I think the reason I love this picture is simply because it reminds me of Alan, my pet cactus, and I, too, have tried to kiss Alan. It is not fun. A needle moustache hurts.

China floods

I think really, the message of this photo, is that Chinese people are too short. And that pot noodles are good.


Does anyone else thing the dog looks remotely like George Clooney? Just a little?

Pan span

We are all looking at him doing the splits across the train doors, when really, we should be wondering WHY THE HELL IS HE DRESSED LIKE PETER PAN?!


If you look very closely, you can see the old woman crushed under her immense buttocks, off of whom she has stolen the granny mobile. TO MCDONALDS.

Nom, Lohan

Maybe during one of her drug-taking-sprees, she accidentally urinated on her own hair. It would explain a lot.