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PIC me up before you go girl don't give leave me hang like a yoyo. Click on me tonight. ("view all on one page to see full jokes my baby.")
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Published October 24, 2011

it Musent be ture my lord!

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O F*CK it! Get me a case of 40oz for the road.

what uh fag.

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And now he can go back to maxing out your creit cards so he can beat off to web cam stripers all day long.  

Nice handy work.

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Ok now try that on me. "she might be old and ugle but she can really handle wood." if you close your eyes it's not so bad really.

you guys are killin me out there!

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Lets clean this sh*t up! Before i wipe your ass clean my self boyz!


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its 420 some where brodee man!

i got a 5 right here for you baby!

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you know what am saying.  Now give me my boner pills and my wiskey because it krama surata time!  "O! don't worry i have my red wings and every thing sweetness." -----> <];{O  


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O NO! i Think i just sh*t myself!? An there is the pee. Go Brewers!