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Asking for money.(best to view all on one page.)
Published July 17, 2012 900 views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

Well There goes my 40oz money.

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Hey guys let me hit that jay and i'll hook you both up with a dollar.

Sorry man i can't brake my last buc big pimpin.

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So where did you hide the body sir!?

its like taking candy from a baby.

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Use the Force and just take there damn money from them already bro because we need to get high today son!

Well then you need these even more than me my sweet.

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it's not a good thing when i have bigger tits than you do. So here take all my money and here is a # to my Surgeon babe.

it was just a matter of time before the Trekkies started there killing spree.

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Look man i don't speak Klingon.  

This is way i don't go see indie wrestling shows anymore.

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Only if you come out of it big boy.

Pimping ain't easy.

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But he will suck your d*ck!

Here just take the d*mn clothing off my back and get to steping yinz hippies.

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Say there dirty homeless people that are already wigged out of there f in minds. Would you like to eat a bunch of caps for free on me my friends. Hey there you two go on and have a nice trip now you hear.

Hook a brother up with a little somthing somthing player.

224 original

it's cool bro you can nickel and dime my ass all day long. Because this little piggy is getting his drink on like mother f*cking Donkey KONG baby!

Obama 2012

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Sh*t i was doing better when Bush was in office. An now i need change.

it's the fact of life homie.

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if your wanting to tag team some b*tches tonight dog i know just the spot to pick them hood rats up at G. Trust me these b*tches will suck the sh*t out your a*s just by giving you head big money. Like i said trust me.

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