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A could you hold on a sec there cutie pie?

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CaYeah babe, we hired a Prostitute to take a shit on are boss's head. So i'll call you back ok  sweet cheeks? PEACE!

Casey Anthony is the best babysitter of all time.

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its ok the coliform will wear off in a few days.

Big Gay Arnold down at the Katty Perry show boyz!

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Lucky for these guys the but rapping is not going to hurt much today. Being that Arnold has a little slongger and no sack left. Because his been on the jucie for the last 30 years or so. "Taking about the boyz night!"

Fun times at the Mental word.

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We went on a field trip to the 9th floor. (P.S that is where am typing from now.)

Don't say i never got you anything you little brats!

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NOW F*CK OFF! An let me drink my beer in peace for the LOVE OF GOD!

May the force be with you.

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Obama 2012. Because i know your broke!