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your the problem.
Published September 09, 2011 860 views More Info »

Thank god i can't remember the night before weekends are ruff!

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come Sunday.

I now understand why The leprechaun is such little A-holes.

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it's my lucky day!  i get to drink myself to death ;-)

Got to get ready for but sex some how.

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am i right ladies or am i right.

Doing Jager bombs all night leads to tons of fun.

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if she had a few more drinks she would of done this but naked.

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Becasue as we all know tequila makes the close fall off.

BEER Summit 30

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post this on as your wall paper on your phone when drunk as Sh*T

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it will save relationships.

Just Keep Drink

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That just warms my hart to see.

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Big Thanks to the brother Dobbs for making this slide

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You Know. Ronnie's Kids.

Holy Cow!

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