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Supid jokes with dumbass pics on the side for dat ass. (view all on one page to see full rants.)
Published October 29, 2012 7.4k views More Info »

Bruce Lee is my illegitimate Daddy. "Thanks Sperm Bank!"

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O you want dee ah pants i see well dat well be five minute!  NOW PAY ME B*TCH!

My man boobies are full of soy milk.

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That cums with a free protein shake my love.

Suck E suck E five dollar!

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So yeah i only have a 20 bucs for your college funds ladies so if can i just get a 3 way BJ with superman nut that would be grate yeah.  ("Hell if i knew that college had LD classes i would have went too college and sh*t son!.")

in more than just one way if you know what am sayin players! };{D=

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You would think i was from CALLY with how well i ride these waves baby! "Talk about your tons of fun."

Just remember too keep it clean you all.

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Am out like a boner in sweatpants!

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420 until i die mother f*cker!