school is cool and you know it. (view all on one page, an by the way always sunny is back.)
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Published September 27, 2012

O am going to take you back to schooling my friends.

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Because some one hasto teach you da*n kids what F*CKiN is all about! "An ladies am looking for a new teachers pet if you know what am sayin my sweet thangs };={) . blood

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Welcome to Mrs. Sara Palin's math 101 class.

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She will be your math teacher and today she is going to show you how to a exact measurment of your boner and cilts today kids. An o yes it's going to be really hard. Hiyo! (An trust me kidsshe knows how to multiplay.) She also ateacher of Geograrphy.

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Heath Class 101

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Today she will show ushow to have 8 kids at the sametime stay alive doing so you all. Yeah it's going to be fun.

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Golf Team Practices

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Team RAM-ROD 101

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Lunch Time

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Shit Brake

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and rubbing one out hard and fast before it;s back to class for dat ass.

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Butt since it's Sunny,

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am going to skip out on school and go to pound town instead today yah see!

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