Happy 4th! U.S.A ! U.S.A ! U.S.A ! ( view all on one page like a real American hero.)
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Published July 04, 2011

O! We can do royal b*tches!

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An we make it look damn good baby! An you know it bro! 

The U.S.A does Hot

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Hey Yo! An am talking both ways son because this babe is hotter than Death Valley A.Z.  

The U.S.A does Gay

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Lezbo's you can't F*ck em but you can't beat off with out O! Thanks freedom . 

The U.S.A will get you wet

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Ladies };-O USA! USA! USA! all the way down town sweet thing ! 

An if you dont like it you can get OUT!

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Now go blow some sh*t up and drink your ass off like a real American hero would do for you. "Because a lot of good people have died to keep the U.S.A Free."

The U.S.A will always fight for what right.

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Fight for your lives! An remember don't you ever cross the U.S.A. Brother! 

Remember the King Baby!

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Happy 4th! Thank you thank you very much.