So that loved one of yours died. Sorry? Seriously. Sorry? Jeez, I don't know why that question mark keeps popping in there. Oh well. At least you can take solace in the fact that your loved one was involved in any of these funerals.
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Published May 16, 2011

The one where they rub it the face of the deceased

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The one where clowns carry the corpse

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The one where they forget the corpse

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The one where the corpse never even had a chance

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The one where they eat the corpse

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The one where they tag the corpse on Facebook

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The one with the shoe coffin

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The one where the deceased has a nicer apartment than you

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The one where whatever happened here, happened

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The one where the corpse invites you over to watch the game

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The one where you can't tell if this is a tiny coffin or a giant cat

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