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Good thing these people are not high at all or anything like that.
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Published March 29, 2012

He ate the brown acid

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He also was the onewho brought that brown acid to Woodstock back1969. An he stil eats it to this day. He also started the fires at the 94 Woodstock.

So what African tribe are you in?

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Am thinking the white boyz who never had friends and hadno dad growing up tribe if you ask me. "Give it 5 years and your going to want to kill your self my mani guarantee it." P.S You know most people just jackoff to get there rocks off. (but i still have a feeling this guy gets a whole hell of a lot more pussy than i do or ever will.)


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isn't the new Spider Mansupposed Latino? Funny thing is this guy can't stand Punk Rock music.

THANK YOU! an GOOD NiGHT! i'll be here untill they kick me off.

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PEACE! ONE LOVE ONE LiFE to all you Pimpetz and Pimperconz out thereDa Bullfrog loves you all. ;-)

Am going to go get drunk now!

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An remember to alwayssmoke your Weediez.


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