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things that are sweet (best to view all on one page)
Published June 16, 2011 590 views More Info »
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Published June 16, 2011

Kids your Grand Mamma use to be a man.

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Hell she even played in the NBA for a few years and was damn good.

if only cougars looked like this.

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i would have f*cked someone to death by now.

being dead stinkin drunk.

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Good thing no one liked this guy. (this me every friday night.)

Sluts there sweeter than pie ;)

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hell if i knew it was going to be that kind of party i would have stuck my d*ck in the Mashed potatos.  

Well she used to be anyway back before she became a hussy.

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Way to suck them d*cks.

now where talking sweetness.

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Fact: the movie will be out in late 2012 early 2013. (strate to DVD.)

This bad ass guy

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Randy the Ram will Ram jam your but.

that ASS!

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i beat i can make hole in 3 on her before i bust.

fishin time!

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its looks like i'll be eating out ;-)


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As good of time as any to run away.


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if a can touch em there real. (your going to need a fack back to hold them things up.)


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 (most of them are Bi and very nice.)