The Funny Or Die staff took at crack at the Coke Zero Sweater Generator, check out our designs below and go to to design your own.
Published December 02, 2013 More Info ยป

Trill Rex

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The Canadian

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Whenever I think of the holidays, I always think of snakes and dolphins at the beach. Please help me.

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Happy Hanu-Coke Zero

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The "slacker"

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I made this in 30 seconds

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All dem turkeyz is makin' me thirsty for a Coke Zero

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It doesn't matter what you're religion- Jewish, Christian, Dinosaur, or Unicornism. You can wear my sweater anywhere with the security knowing everyone is represented. EVERYONE. You're gonna be getting a lot of high fives so get your hands warmed up.

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Chest-turkeys roasting on an open fires

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