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# a few new pro wrestling memes i just made up for you enjoy it players !
Published December 10, 2013 9.3k views More Info »


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She will break you !


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Me Like E !


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For real W.W.E make her a Total Diva.  #AmReadyForLove


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"Don't do pills kids." #FUup


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"Hey for having 3 kids and fake tits now a days here in 2014 she looks even better than back in the day." #TenAndThenSome


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"Jail isn't half bad for a bum."


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F*ck your boss !


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"These d*cks are not going to suck themselves off" #independentWoman #SuperHighMe


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The Hardy boys adventures. #OnTheStreets


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Welcome to your first boner kids. An your first wet panty future dykes and bi ladies. Enjoy it !


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She is having a hot flash !  Get my boner pills out now ! HHH because it's game time !


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#LineUP "A.J Lee can pee on me anytime big cats."


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You can never tell how old King Kong Budy is because his looked this way since the 70's. #TrueStory


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Better wrestler than Hulk Hogan ever was. So suck on that Cena haters !


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"Am back to being a jobber again !"


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But it's ok because everyone steals off me. Just ask the movie makers.  


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Never let a whore sleep in your bed.


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R.O.H doesn't play that p*ssy sh*t !


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Spilt Beer makes me cry. So stop it Stone Cold. Drink or don't just stop spilling it !


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Pain is my middle name tuff guy.


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Your going to have the runs for a grip after this one sweethart.


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You better watch it because she will eat your ass.


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Spirit Squad !


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Chris Hero is going to need a job if he want a fake tooth put in there for him my peeps.