These chrome-domes are badass......Even with no protein growing from their skulls.

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February 16, 2012

10. Sean Connery

I loved two things when I was a kid, Captain Underpants and James Bond. Sean Connery was the coolest Bond on the planet ( Moonface Craig comes in second). Not only was he cool, he was bald while he was James Bond. WIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG!!!!!! Aside from being the poonmaster 007 he made his way further in Hollywood playing more characters and eventually winning an Oscar for his performance in The Untouchables.

9. Sinead O' Connor

 Q:What do you get when you cross Ripley from Alien 3 with Björk?   A: Sinead O' Connor. While she caused a minor musical breakthrough in the late 80's with some of her early efforts, She managed to make the whole world hate her when she ripped up a picture of the pope on SNL....What a fucking trooper.  

8. Robert Duvall

He was always bald let's face it. From The Great Santini all the way to Colors this man has been a chrome-dome. But hey! So what? The man is an extraordinary actor and in my opinion a powerhouse baldy. Let's not forget his fucking creepy performance as neighbor/ chronic child stalker Boo Radley, Or his role in Apocalypse Now.

7. Patrick Stewart

In terms of acting Duvall might be better, but in terms of being a baldy,Stewart has this bitch on lockdown. He is widely known for fucking mass amounts of attractive alien women aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise and voicing Family Guy cameos.

6. Jason Alexander as "George Costanza"

First off no sidekick can ever compare to George Costanza. He was Jerry Seinfeld's best buddy. Let's face it, George made the show.......Sure Kramer fell over every now and again but George was the thinking mans Danny Devito. A true pal to Jerry and one of the best bald people to bless the big blue and green marble we call earth. 

5. Danny Devito

I love this man with a passion. I put him on this list to prove that sometime Lautner abs and David Bowie hair isn't really needed to make it in Hollywood. From his hilarious movies to his very weird performance as The Penguin I will watch anything this guy shows up in. 

4. Bruce Willis

Sometime in the 80's we needed something. This something was a movie where a balding cop fought of terrorists in a building while Carl Winslow sat outside and watched. Bruce Willis still stands out today as one of the most popular action stars. That and his hair slowly degraded as he got more and more popular.

3. The Bald Eagle

Now what better represents a failing, fat, consumer, country other than the Bald Eagle? That's what I thought.......Not shit.

2. Bill Murray

Bill Murray may be the greatest actor never to win any award. His hilarious deadpan style and extremely unusual look are what add to his charm. Call him The Murricane or Venkman what ever you like, But in my book he is soild.

1. Hunter S.Thompson

He may have been a drug addict, but he was one of the smartest people out there and he had a better idea of what is going on in america now then when he was actually alive. You call him the greatest journalist or the drugged up fiend that people claim he was, this baldy managed to make me realize that Nostradamus is a shitty predictor and that Thompson may be the real deal on predicting the future.....or you could call me crazy.