WELL sh*tsburgh!
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Published November 23, 2011

first hit this TMZ its the new THC. its the Dank Nugz honkey!

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Puff Puff Pass little Miss. Twicker

Who ate my weed Brownies!?

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it wasn't me. (O you konw she must be high as a mother f*cker with some of the shit she has to say. But that herb is keepin that body lookin damn good DOG!) "A 10 and then some" " wuz good baby ;-)"  

i got the bees on me!

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i forgot to tell you that Kronic was laced with PCP. My Bad!

This is why you don't eat weed.

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Looks like she is going to fly to bingo tonight with them maga hot bingo wings rockin.

F in Hardcore to the mo fo in gore!

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How is everyone feelin tonight!


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Here i go agian on my own.