This week in China, a doctor admitted that she has been stealing newborn babies from the hospital where she worked, and then selling them to human traffickers. This raises a lot of questions, but the most important one... more »

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December 31, 2013
You Often Confuse Infants (Which Are Not Readily Available) With Packs Of Gum (Which Are Plentiful)
Your Nickname In High School Was Baby McBuyins
You Get Blackout Drunk To Forget About Your Empty Womb
The Small Dog In Your Large Purse Doesn’t Make Enough Human Sounds
You Love the Part in "Gremlins" Where The Dad Buys A Mogwai From A Chinese Person Except The Part Where The Mogwai Isn't An Infant
You Seem To Have A Baby In Your Arms Yet You Nor Anyone Around You Is Lactating
You Refer To Adoption As "A Poor Man's Game"
You Are A Magician Who Has Been Wanting To Add Some Hot Pepper To His “Bunny In The Hat” Trick
You Are A Lion With A Dark Interest In E-Commerce
You Love The Part In "Gremlins" Where The Mogwai Is Surrounded By Baby Gremlins Except The Part Where The Mogwai Births The Baby Gremlins, Which You Refer To As "A Poor Mogwai's Game"