The group dynamic is a fickle thing. Kudos to those who embrace it.

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August 16, 2013


Keiko: That's me. I am half-Japanese, a musician (not the loud electric kind), former Parkinson's disease researcher, and I absolutely love movie bloopers, blueberries, and TED talks. You'll hear me talk about rocks and dirt because I'm studying Earth science, but I spend most of my time quietly studying or cooking something my family recently taught me on my last trip to Japan.  


Sabina: She's a transfer from UCSC with a cute spunky hairdo and a healthy dose of sweetness. She likes to play rugby, to ride her bike, and the occasional chocolate chip cookie. She's one of the most chill people I know, and has a great taste for drinks (in moderation, y'all), and has a knack for mathematics stuff. She's one smart chica, let me tell you...


Gork:An obscure drifter from Yonkers. He's a devoted member of the church of Satan,and is poised to spread its teachings especially to the 'cretins'. During his morning Satanic chant,he may go into catatonic-like state. You'll get used to it though. It's just Gork.   Around 10pm, he'll blast his death metal and begin slam dancing. It was invasive at first,but now we sometimes join in to show support and enhance roomate fellowship.   He'll routinely dress in bizarre outfits[see photo]then at days end,go outside and burn them on the front lawn.   During his manic episodes he'll grope or hump any unsuspecting visitor male or female[I'm used to it-it's just Gork] He'll then retreat to the corner of room and masturbate. Other times,he may go off by himself,falling asleep in unusual places such as the under the house,or the broom closet.   He may run around bezerk whenever a phone rings or an AT&T commercial is on TV [dont ask] Just be prepared for him to sob uncontrollably for a few minutes,then get on his knees and plead to someone named 'Dina' to rescue him from 'this fiery siege'. Good news is,before you know it,he's back to regular Gork.   You may also wake up during the night and find he's sleeping next to you in the nude. But dont worry. It's just Gork.