Even world famous rappers have problems. Daily illustrations by Ali Graham http://probs99.tumblr.com
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#42 - Radio Don't Play My Hits

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#43 - I Want To Be Forever Young

8f1183f8114ccbff444e934e73540453 original

#44 - Too Easy To Find

Fc79479a5ad5a2d802e9a7fe64836a99 original

#45 - I'm About To Go HAM

6cb52fe95eb7d97ceefc3950472d740b original

#46 - Anger Management

B64f5c5545da8c6e3f1b8ee7404f6444 original

#47 - Grills, Grills, Grills

304cb7d4ef4ba6ffb428f31e429ff3ff original

#48 - Can't Sell Ice In Winter

F604c880527311feffacdfb4bfb2fbf8 original

#49 - Hyphens

8ce998dac782c000c2aeb2284291b189 original

#50 - Can't Sell Fire In Hell

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