Man, this guy takes method acting to a whole 'nother level. More at:
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What a Gentleman.

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Watch out, this monkey will bite your Face/Off.

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Did you know Snooki was one of the Coppola's?

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The 18-time gold medal winning actor.

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This seems tame now, but for it's time, what a provocative image.

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Here's my number.

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Starting to get creeped out yet?

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Hold on, I think this one might be real.

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What we found out is that each one us is a Nic Cage.

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Nicholas, we have the purrfect role for you.

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Who runs the world? Nic Cage!

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Nic Cage before a long day in the makeup trailer.

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This Saturday on Nic-elodeon.

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Draw me like one of your Photoshop girls.

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Scary Monsters and Nic Cage.

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Getting ready for tonight's Cage Match.

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The greatest movie ever made even better.

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Hollywood is a zoo.

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"Wanna see my guns?" You know what? Sure.

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Actually, Nevermind.

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