A.A.A. U.S.A.

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A.A.A. U.S.A. the masked Lucha Libre Warriors on T.V. on Sunday Night ( Monday Morning if you want to be a dick about ) a pre-recorded 2 hour long show from 12am - 2am would be cool on M.T.V. Am telling you the teens will love it !

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Since G.F.W. is putting the global talent on roster and doing cross promotion with companies from all over the world it's only fair the G.F.W. has a world wide T.V. show on the air a. An am thinking Tuesday Nights.


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With the kind of access they have to talent with the whole N.W.A. Territories thing going on, they could really put on one Hell of a T.V. each week for T.B.S. Shot onthe Center Stage Theater in Atlanta or in Columbus, GA every Saturday on Live to tape on T.B.S. 7pm - 9pm Saturday on T.B.S. sports the Super Station where it's very funny.


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Spike T.V. should keep impact and should keep it on the air on Wednesdays 9pm - 11pm time slot at a the T.V. 14 rating , but if not some channel should pick it up because the fan base is their and can grow and will grow if pushed.


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The Insane Championship Wrestling coming straight out of U.K. the outlaw promotion goes wold wide on a t.v channel near brother ! Newer channel looking for shows you best jump on the i.c.w. train before it blow up dudes am telling you dogs am telling you ! So someone needs to pick up a i.c.w. show as in now !


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Wrestle One and T.N.A. should put on a T.V. show together from japan each week on Spike T.V. on Mondays from an hour before RAW comes on at 7pm - 8pm T.N.A. vs W1 each week for hour on Spike before RAW kicks off would be a balls out move but i think the people would love it !

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