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An trust me i don't have one so don't feel bad. ( view all on one page to see my little rants big dogs. )
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Pro Wrestling is your life.

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O HELL YEAH! wrestling is my life 4-Life Brother! 

You know who these 2 like the back of your hand.

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Yes there killers and yes there hot., but why is it that you know more about there lives than you know about your own life, well it's because you have no life ! Well alright. 

You sold your soul to the devil.

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No need for having a life now a my lost soul friends. Because the devil is taking over 24\7. 

You Know who this guy is yo !

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"Yeah i myself have Biodome and Pauly Shore is Dead on DVD and i watch them both a lot ! "  Sidnote: You know you have no life at all when your rocking a T-shirt with your own face on it bro.

This will be you and me when we die.

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"Can't cross over must stay drunk and eat junk food."

You just want to fly.

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She must be a big Sugar Ray fan.  "Am real  into the band Sugar Ray ! An that is how you can tell i have no life at all." 

You want to bang this chick so hard right now!

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Hell i don't if Nadya Suleman has 11 kids and had 8 of them on the same day, because i so would put a ring on that and my ding inside that and that goes for you as well Kate Gosselin.  Me needs me stank on these nuts! 

You think there is a N.W.O

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And that N.W.O is ran by Aliens. 

This is your sex life.

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Aka Your a stocker! Ture story. 

Dreamcast 2

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Your making your own dreamcast 2 in your parents basement right now as you read this because sega dreamcast is the best. 

Super No Life.

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Hey if your going to beat off all day and night long your going to need a Super BiG Gulp.