15 awkwardly sexual moments in Batman Comics...
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Published February 12, 2012

1. Phallic symbolism taken to the extreme...

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Via Much has been made of the perceived homoerotic subtext that runs through Batman and Robin's unique relationship. Although for the most part it appears that some people are just looking too deeply into things in order to satisfy their own sexualised desire to see Robin take it up the Bathole, on occasion there are certain comic panels that make you stroke your chin thoughtfully and go "Hmmmm." as you watch Bruce Wayne slap around his Dick (Grayson). These are those panels. (And before you point it out, yes, I too am guilty of reading too much into these images. I'm totally comfortable with that. You should be too.) You can find Sean on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, where he spends most of his time doing unspeakable things to pictures of 1997 era Aaron Carter. For more sexually dubious comic panels, check out SUPERDICKERY.COM

2. The Bathole Surfers...

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3. Batman Bukkake, more like it.

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4. Once you go Bat, you never go back.

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5. In all fairness, this villain WAS called "The Pederast Punisher".

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6. His heart isn't in it. His Batwang, however, is.

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7. Notice the non-too-subtle chin tickle Batman's receiving.

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8. Nope, nothing suspicious going on here, just a grown man cavorting naked with a young boy...

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9. "Do you like movies about Gladiators, Robin? Have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

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10. "Landing the plane" is a euphemism commonly referring to a sexual act involving a dead squid, clingwrap and an old hot water bottle filled with Absinthe.

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11. The jokes write themselves.

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12. Bet you didn't know Batman wrote Bat-Poetry. It's terribly Bat.

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13. Christ Robin, think before you use your words.

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14. Batman - The Fritzl years.

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15. More Boners! An entire bathtub of steaming boners for all to roll in!

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