SUCKS to be you budy!
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Published May 27, 2011

the one guy we get out here and his gay!

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Thanks alot Larry Craig!

Da*n I just started this f*cking Race!

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i gots the runs.

what a bitch

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Friskey the cat.

Work Time

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Allso geting F*cked over by fat cats.

the warm up

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Because yo man isn't going do it for honey.

Eat at Taco Bell

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Its killing myself or this

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Sucking at life

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Just because your mon tells you your a caught don't mean your going to get laid.

Its the Devil

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& old she devil here just loves to be tea baged.

everything but Dicks

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But thats not what she was doing last night ;-0

Sucking it up at Sports as allways

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Among other things. Like running USA!

Fu*ck school!

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Sucking at everthing there ever was (but most of the time dicks)

Sarah palin 5 original

A-Rod once knocked her up just by the glim in his eye.

your new NBC biggest Loser Host Ann Kournikova

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She sucked at tennis, Just like she will suck as a trainer but it still we be the highest rated show on the biggest loser of a network called NBC.


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