people who hate there life.
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Published July 29, 2011

some one is going to be holding out on the pussy.

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i have to tell you somthing. i have the clap.

you will never win skeletor.

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but is ok i'll stil ram jam you like there no tomorrow.

he just set the record for most DUi's

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at least your wife can't run your life in jail.

I used to be somebody

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At least you have enuff money to still have sex with waitresses.

Marriage its a bitch!

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an then you die.

at least it will be over soon.

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Now light that blunt! "its for her cataracts"

Dang guy drank him self to death.

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i call all these beers.

keep on truckin.

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shitty day A?

thats but sex for you.

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You have to get drunk to do it and get even drunker after you do it.  At least you can feel it there.

this is what you get when you work for your money.

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thanks rich people.

well at least he can't remember last night.

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So we wrote down the story of last night on to him.  ( O! u white people)

the closest Newt will ever get the Presidential Office

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but thats ok Newt because will see you on the moon. (as for you president enjoy 4 more years of total dislike from not just the U.S goverment but from people all over the world.)

Lets ROCK!

Al bundy re favorite tv character of all time s450x350 93072 580 original

Al Buddy is the 99%

well she did.

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She fit the Winehouse name well. RiP Miss. Amy Winehouse you where a good soul that just got a little to much into the spirts.


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this suck