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21 hot bodies and jokes. (Side note: best to view all on one page.)
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"Having fun drinking your self to death now that i put a ring it."

its just a fact of life.

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"So why don't you get me a drink you ass licker."

this is why Casey Anthony is free.

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Because we all want to see her but ass naked when geting f*cked hard by Ron Jaramie. or me ;-)


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You can't love em but you can't beat off with out them.

Now that is on hell of an ACE!

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"So you ready to serve up this balls or what?"

women sports.

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Geting men to spank there balls since day one. "is it in!?"

If it smells Trout you eat it out.

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"i hope i don't catch anything."

man i hope this guys can read english.

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"Me not no know to read because me a high school drop out drinkend pot head." 

half cougar half Cow.

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Look! its SUPER MilF!

O them babies have got to real!

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What are them bad boyz a triple z? "i just lot my testicals in there some where."

what your wife and her best friend are up to when you not around.

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Bust on 3 set c*nt, c*nt, c*nt  G spot!. To bad you will never be aloud to get in this mix. An the only reason why she is with you is so they both can spend you money. "Have fun beating off to there web cam show."

so this is the kind of sick sh*t going on in Kentuckey A?

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O there is so much blood!  "Thats what where going to being sayin after i pop the Cherry o so right dogz!"  Am get lucky in Kentuckey tonight all night. HiYo!

Hey ;)

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"i smell sh*t!"  O my little plumkin.

tan + bitch = Slaming ass hot.

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Let me see your phone i need to text her a pic of my dick so i can get on the news.

Best gift ever!

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"Now that was a but f*cking fun Birthday."

Just the way i like my ladies.

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Smelly, hairy and high as a kite. "i beat she leaves in the woods, because i know for a fact she can handle wood with the best of them."


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Train rides welcome.  

This is the only bra that makes me feel normal.

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its not rape if you enjoy it is what she always said to her step brothers.

This is not the first time or that last time.

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Some times cum gets in your eyes, but its just part of the job.

for all you geeks out there.

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"She loves to play games with you."  "Am off to play one player mode."


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O i see how it is you dirty dirty little Ho bag!

Not leave home with out it.

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Now go bang it out.  PEACE OUT ";-O me love you long time"

you know it!

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kid O!

Cum anytime.

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"i got a 5 for you"

Remeber if you can't duck it. F*CK iT!

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Daddy loves you.