Cartoons about Politics, Cultural Absurdities, Random Nonsense and the Coming Apocalypse.

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Words and Pictures by Jim Brenneman

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Why is it that the things we need the most in life are often times the things that cause us the most harm?

Sure thing.

Lie is full of uncertainty. With the exception of war. It will never end.

It's only fare!

Imagine if normal people were given the kinds of handouts big business gets and the tax breaks.

School Daze

At the rate things are going there won't be any more schools and we'll have to simply convert them to work houses and prisons.


Clueless Americans

A Positive Attitude

Some people always seem to find the good in everything.


Until some one has enough courage to come up with an alternative and stop enabling the world wide addiction the world is doomed.

The American Nightmare

Between Iraq and a hard place.

Long before there was a No Fly Zone there were a few other issues to deal with. Any one remember what they were?


A modern solution to an age old problem.