A Collection of creepy dolls to warp young minds
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Published April 13, 2012

Cracked head

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I've got a splitting headache

Demon Doll

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Demon Doll Says "Play with me, or else"

Crack-Whore Barbie

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From the 80's, Crack-whore Barbie

Crack-Whore Skipper

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One of Crack-whore Barbie's friends

Redheaded crack-whore doll

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Another crack-loving children's toy

Stern Grandmother Doll

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Sometimes homemade dolls are the scariest

Concrete Kid

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Nothing says "Cuddle me" like concrete

Chipped Paint

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Look, they just plastered over real children, you can tell when the plaster chips

Dick Head Doll

D094856307323bbeb2f637e16847a3fa original

What a dick-head

Winking Doll

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Wink, wink, nudge,nudge

Stitches Doll

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Mr. potato Head has an overbite

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Mr. Potato Head as a Buddhist monk with an overbite