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HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY! ( view all on one page to see full rants.)
Published March 17, 2013 130 views More Info »

The more you drink the more ugly girls start looking like this to us bros.

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"An this is why am drunk 24\7" Just don't go falling in love you hear. Now get out there and have tons of fun big guy. Because even fat ugly girls need the d*ck. Now get me a d*mn beer already for the love god! "F*ck me it's already 10am and am still sober f*ck me sideways on the highway this sucks a big hard fat one!" 

Maybe if he falls asleep she will shut the f*ck up for once in her life.

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Hey you show me them boobies because this beads on my head are not just for butt play my dear sweet thing };-O an you know it baby! 

His ready for his lap dance my lady of the night.

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An lucky for you his why to f in drunk to get it up yo and guess what he already paid for the lab the dance my dear. So it looks like am taking a free on your stanks ass. Now where are them beads at god d*mn it you b*tch! 

No F in way we gots green beer and Leprechaun in Space on VHS far out dude.

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WOOO! F*ckin best day ever baby! 

One for the good guys.

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Happy St. Patty's Day you all.  P.S.A: An remember just remember because black outs suck yo. "O sh*t where in the hell am i at again now!"