She just wants to fly.

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The classic dumb and dumber look.

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Stay classy and sassy you hipsters.  Sidenote: A Dumb and Dumber movie is in the works. No lie. 

The going green look

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Conserve water by saving yourself a flush and just sh*t in the sink. The more you know. 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas my man.

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Hey if they look like women and there is grass on the field am playing with my balls. No i mean i play ball. 

The am on drugs Look is always cool.

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This is from the LSD collection. This look give a man some real edge players. 

An this is why i love pro wrestling.

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An this also why i love comic books. "God i need too get laid."  

You work it girl ! You work it good sweethart !

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O yes inside every good man there is a bad girl wanting to come out. Hey it's just a fact of live people. An there is all kind of science that will back that up boo. 


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The i have know friends look is really making a strong come back this year. 

O my word Project Runway is on so LATER !

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"God a B.J would really hit the spot right now."

Well Sh*t

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looks like you caught me with my pants down again players.