Pop culture commentator Yarita tells it like it is!

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She got out!

I dunno, are you Frida Kahlo or something???

Those are my girls!

I snatched it of her while she was shouting in church!

Sunday morning is for the Lord!

What kind of tom foolery is that?!

You paid for it! So you just got money to throw around and not care for yout things???

Yarita's mission statement

Get your man to change it up!

It just bring a tear to my eye!

That was back before things got better for me!

It don't gotta grow out your head for it to be yours!

Make him do what's right by the Lord!


Damn them stores sure is big!

Natural is always best!

You just not right in the head!

That's your child not a bag of groceries!

If it's good hair, I'd just about do anything for it!

I was always partial to the waterfall/ribbon style!

I love changing it up!

Something musta crawled up on in there and died!