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Pop culture commentator Yarita tells it like it is!
Published June 18, 2013 81 views More Info ยป
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Published June 18, 2013

She got out!

Ab8b36a5ded53a03eac95ab9209498f3 original

I dunno, are you Frida Kahlo or something???

788726a47093426da8d07cd004f8e5e7 original

Those are my girls!

066d581b94d0d943b289291af1d9bc24 original

I snatched it of her while she was shouting in church!

Eefe8a5edbca607b2ce1683022c4abe5 original

Sunday morning is for the Lord!

B31d479443cb3eed6b018d02a1674b88 original

What kind of tom foolery is that?!

Fedf2f1b71caa1967a93b694b36cd8d3 original

You paid for it! So you just got money to throw around and not care for yout things???

F63aefef06a88d968a046993a4dbe1ae original

Yarita's mission statement

E64b0c5bca1886eba35baf8a68b06e7a original

Get your man to change it up!

B6ad173f1550d8d9352c69884e73f645 original

It just bring a tear to my eye!

45f52ff5a76a8656f146571c580a7cbf original

That was back before things got better for me!

D56e7ced71acad359f4af10e632af0a7 original

It don't gotta grow out your head for it to be yours!

5d35e2666d5b7286c8aa2cb0e5a7ba61 original

Make him do what's right by the Lord!

C78384336e5686fca78f777abc9b25e6 original


Db927af16eb93ea1aa7f5b03bffb1849 original

Damn them stores sure is big!

51424da6ae010c68d5f49141e06a5e42 original

Natural is always best!

Bd9bf89aac3cb0f4da3abc80b86604cb original

You just not right in the head!

Bf6c95d8735cf3847023643684d0353a original

That's your child not a bag of groceries!

70fc1fc45f99799231d6107b00a487bb original

If it's good hair, I'd just about do anything for it!

066d804ab8cd7bbb99273a6e3e75a4ea original

I was always partial to the waterfall/ribbon style!

F7dd5fa03f55df0f780dd996aa81ed64 original

I love changing it up!

17faf667e75dd79be3eca370b43cc435 original

Something musta crawled up on in there and died!

7c2d72888a513b0b69424f8584f848d2 original

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