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"We can bond over some bong hits." + it would give me a chance to pick his brain man. 

Miss. BBQ Kelly Kelly ( what ever the hell your real name is sweethart. )

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Your Not working am not working, we both party a little. So f it baby lets party all the way down town };-) HiT me Back Killer! (Your looking at a big time movie star soon to be born right here my good people. O! she's comming.)

Jennifer Capitati

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"You can stock me and bet me up anytime my love. ;-) you know what am talking about WOO! We can drink and smoke weed the fist fight each other like old times. An Hell maybe you can even show me a thing or two about some tennis since your in the H.O.F and all, so come on Jennifer lets kick it mother f*cking hardcore style b*tch! You know you my girl boo. 

Chris Masters

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He loves his mom and pro wrestling and so do i my good man and let me tell your somthing dude! This guy is a hero and strong as an OX. ( He ripped out a 10 foot tall tree and smashed it into a burning aprtment home and saved his own mother the other is how strong of hero this kat is so R.O.H or T.N.A or W.W.E or even Extreme Rishing give this man a god d*mn job for the love god! "Yeah am talking to you H.H.H." )SUPERSTAR! 

Mr. Pauly Shore ladies and Gents!

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He might be 46 years old but he looks and acts 27 and am 27 and i look 46 and am looking for some sidekick work so Pauly my main man just let be a wingman bromojo. #LetsGetWeird2k14 Yo get at me Paul.  

Trust Me it will be PHAT like DAT ASS!!

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