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Stars on the rebound. They need a man bad! ( view all on one page to see my nasty a*s rants.)
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You know she is on the rebound, because ever damn songs she wrights is about an X

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Taylor Swift "Man that b*tch is getting f*cked by a new famous dude every 3 weeks." She must be a Queen PMS b*tch or somthing if you ask me but hell i would take a run at it with her so Swifty i am all yours forever and always my dear." 

WHAT! J.L.H isn't getting any what kind of world do we live in people.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well she can't act worth sh*t but who really give two sh*ts when you look as fine as that my friends i mean come on you all. O yeah players am buying old Navy Hoodies and am even watching that new Lifetime show of her's because it sure beats watching nasty a*s hookers online getting f*cked in the b hole live any day of the week. WOOO! "She can turn any gay man into a strate one in his pants ;-)."  ( Hell i would eat her out on her period like a god d*mn Vampire or some sh*t.) An turst me you all i do have my Red Wings. No Joke. 

THE Rebound Queen

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Kate Hudson. No tits, no ass and she is starting to get old little old on us but she is rich as f*ck so she has that going for her. That and bad acting skills. Aha what the hell give me her # so we can bump uglies like the nasty freaks we both are inside and out my main bromosexual. 

Would you look at that train wreck, it's so sad.

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Birtney Spears. Hey girl i got that meth you looking for and that johnson you need all up in yah baby! Because i go hard b*tches! 

She must be way to freaky to date. };-)

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Hey Sandra Bullock am talking  Butt play, ear play, biting, p*ssing pounding and more if your looking for a good time because am free when eve Miss. Sexy. Am ready love. 

SH*T your on the rebound again to!

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Cameron Diaz. O yes Cameron pee on me first before taking that big old dump you been holding off on all day righ into my mouth so i can eat it up like a Baby Ruth before you ride my big hard thing with your brown eye my love. 

Am single so wuz good babies!

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Jacob Stetar aka The Bullfrog Am drunk must of the time but i smoke a lot of weed so it evens things out. Am am packing 6inc long and 2inc thick on hard days and if it's a good a 7 long and 2.5 thickness all my single ladies so just think about that before bed. Yes am fat, broke as a joke and ugly as sin but the thing is i can stick it in like a champ when the feeling is right my dears. So get a honky sweet things. Because am rocked and ready. 

Maria Shriver she's a survivor!

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Ruff looking woman = Ruff in sack. So get at me because i have big balls because i don't work out or use HGH like some people we know. So yeah babe we can go all day every day even when it's that time of month because like i said before am a Red Wing Captain. Soulmates 4-Life and beyond. 

you ready for some hard partying & wild sex!

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Casey Anthany. Since we both have all the free time in the world i think it's about time i make my way down to F.L to your home town so you can cum on me anytime i mean come stay with me for good my Queen. Because we going get dirty! P.S just don't go killing me with corafoam now ok babe. How about instead we just get all f*cked up and f*ck each other death instead. Death by OD on seamen. Drugs + Sex = deadly Hot, Hold on am cumming.