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Published September 28, 2011

A Party at David Bowe's place.

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like in you face yo.

Beacuse you daddy needs AA.

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Now get out here and strip for your College funds. "Really i know its for the H train, i can tell by your track marks."

Andy Dick's funhouse.

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Talk about a but f*cking fun times! "Andy dude just please lay of the drugs and gay stuff."

Seen this on a faces of death movie.

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What a pussy. i can drink more than that in my sleep.

Look what your doing to your mother!

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"This was taken at my best friends house and i have to find this pic online. why can't i cum in her bum to bro? " "Am tell your wife."

Pippa i got a long stocking for you.

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Put  you hands down my pants pop the clit out, there is a party in the U.K!

so can i f*ck you ladies where you didn't duck or what?

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good thing am drunk because this is going to get sticky inside you 2.

Hey baby why don't you give me a cheeseburger with some meatballs on it.

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you got to be drunk to show that much camel toe. Remember the king baby.

the drunker i get the more i want to play in the trash.

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its has a virus that has no cure.

ture story.

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fact: 9 out of 10 homless agree.

when geting your buzz on allways remember this.

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Good thing you 3 have that meany rubbers because am going to use them all. Because am on Wiskey and Viagra!

if not?

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An that how swamp thing was born kids. "you know swamp ass"

thanks drinking

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to bad i'll never remember this night and neither will she.

it's just a fact of life.

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So Ture.